The Plantation Faial

The Plantation Faial

Azorean Lifestyle the Organic Way


Would you like to visit the Azores? Then choose the Island of Faial, the island of nature and culture. The Plantation Faial is a unique accommodation project getting ready to accomodate guests towards the end of 2023. A premium B&B / Hotel offering 5 spacious rooms with views on the Atlantic Ocean, Pico Mountain and an organic banana farm. The Plantation Faial combines atlantic lifstyle with organic agriculture in its own banana and tropical fruit plantation.


The five spacious rooms are named after the colors of Faial. Faial, the BLUE island with its hydrangeas. Faial, the GREEN island with its lavish vegetation. The YELLOW of the ripe bananas of our plantation. The ORGANE of our subtropical fruits and flowers. The BLACK of the basaltic rocks and sandy beaches. Enjoy the views of Pico and the plantation gardens from your private verandas. Each room has its private bathroom, TV, air conditioning and more.

Accommodation B&B Hotel Faial Azores

Azul - The Blue Room

Inspired by the ocean and the hydrangeas of Faial

Accommodation B&B Hotel Faial Azores

Laranja - The Orange Room

Inspired by the colors of the fruits and flowers of Faial

Accommodation B&B Hotel Faial Azores

Verde - The Green Room

Inspired by the lavish vegetation of Faial

Accommodation B&B Hotel Faial Azores

Amarelo - The Yellow Room

Inspired by the bananas grown in our farm and in Faial

Accommodation B&B Hotel Faial Azores

Preto - The Black Room

Inspired by the black basaltic rocks and sands of Faial


The Plantation Faial is located in the middle of one of the oldest banana plantations of Faial. Complete renovation is ongoing and it should be ready to welcome its first guests in the autumn of 2023. You will be able to experience Azorean lifestyle the organic way.


The Plantation Faial will be more than just an accommodation. Breakfast prepared with love, local ingredients, fresh bread and fruits from the plantation ensure that you start your day in Faial with energy. And who knows, probably there will be even special dining events. Barbara is a magnificent cook!


The Plantation Faial offers more. You want to go on a guided tour? Just ask in time, Andreas is a professional guide and booked out soon. You need anything else? A lunch pack for your hike, a bicycle, tips for your stay in Faial or laundry service. We are here for our guests.


The Plantation Faial is an old banana farm in the parish of Feteira. We are working on transforming it into a subtropical agro-forest garden. We have bananas, pineapples, mangos, cherymoias, avocados, coffee, yam, sweet potatoes, hot chilies and more. Explore the garden during your stay and learn about organic agriculture.


We, Barbara, Izabella and Andreas moved in 2019 from Budapest to Faial. Since then we enjoy every day in the middle of the Atlantic. Soon our dream will become true and we will open The Plantation Faial. Barbara is from Budapest, Andreas from Switzerland we traveled the world and would like to make you feel at home. Preparation works are keeping us busy. Picking the tiles for the bathrooms, getting the garden in shape and much more.


Faial, the blue island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and with its hydrangeas is probably the best destination of the Azores. The volcano of Capelinhos and the Caldeira of Faial are witnesses of the forces of nature. The trails lead you to magic places in the forests along the coast and through pastures with happy cows. The city of Horta has a long history, not just as the number one yacht marina of the North Atlantic. And do not forget, the islands of Pico and São Jorge are just a short ferry trip away.


Faial with the city of Horta is a vibrant place with a rich culture. There is always something going on. The holy saint spirit festivities from Easter until the summer. The Seamana do Mar, the sea week, the biggest nautical event of Portugal. And there are exhibitions, museums, concerts, parties and more. Have a look at the events calendar and get ready to enjoy.